Firmware v1.6.0 and the NerdMiner Pool

New v1.6.0 Firmware + The Awesome New NerdMiner Pool

v1.6.0 Firmware

The latest v1.6.0 firmware provides some significant improvements, primarily its enhanced compatibility with the new NerdMiner pool. This notable improvement supersedes the reliance on the CKsolo pool, offering users some cool new features in their mining endeavours. While it remains possible to continue utilizing the CKsolo pool and other available alternatives, it is crucial to emphasize that most pools are not optimally tailored to accommodate low hashrate hardware.

All our pre-built hardware is shipped with the latest firmware, but if you have brought a NerdMiner previously and want to update to Firmware v1.6.0 you can do so very simply by following these steps:

1. Plug in your LillyGo TTGO T-Display S3 device via USB C into your computer. NB. the USB C lead must be a data and power lead

2. Go to
For the best experience, use Google Chrome or Brave browser (Firefox is not compatible).

3. From the dropdown box select “Nerdminerv2 1.6.0 for Lillygo T-display S3".

4. Click flash, a window will then pop up prompting you to select the device to connect to – select your device and click connect. If your device is not listed, try using a different cable.

For a full and extensive set-up guide please see our blog post here.

The New NerdMiner Pool

The introduction of the NerdMiner pool, implemented by Public-Pool, has been specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of mining with low hashrate hardware, such as the NerdMiner. It distinguishes itself by its highly efficient allocation of work to miners, thus optimizing their performance. Furthermore, the pool's user-friendly web-based visualization tool empowers miners to seamlessly access and interpret their mining statistics, offering a remarkably clear and comprehensible overview of their operations.

Once you have updated your NerdMiner to firmware v1.6.0 log on via Wi-Fi as you did during initial configuration and ensure your miner has its pool settings as shown below:

On any device you can now visit and enter your BTC address (that you set up in configuration) to see your mining statistics.

The awesome firmware upgrade, complemented by the creation of the dedicated NerdMiner pool, serves as a testament to the extraordinary efforts invested by the developers of this outstanding open-source project. Their relentless dedication and ingenuity are greatly appreciated by the community.

There are upcoming plans to further optimize in the near future. Watch this space!

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