How to update to firmware v1.6.3

Updating Your NerdMiner To Firmware Version 1.6.3

v1.6.3 Firmware

The recent release of firmware version 1.6.3 brings exciting developments, transforming the experience and elevating the NerdMiners hashpower to around 77kh/s.

Beyond performance upgrades, the latest firmware introduces a revamped user interface. Miners can now enjoy a new screen that allows you to join in the fun of the Christmas advent contest. This display will later show the real-time Bitcoin price.

This inclusion not only adds an element of fun and enjoyment for the user, but also makes NerdMiner an even more compelling conversation starter.

All our pre-built hardware is shipped with the latest firmware, but if you have brought a NerdMiner previously and want to update to Firmware v1.6.3 you can do so very simply by following these steps:

1. Plug in your LillyGo TTGO T-Display S3 device via USB C into your computer. NB. the USB C lead must be a data and power lead

2. Go to
For the best experience, use Google Chrome or Brave browser (Firefox is not compatible).

3. From the dropdown box select “Nerdminerv2 1.6.3 Original Board T-display S3".

4. Click flash, a window will then pop up prompting you to select the device to connect to – select your device and click connect. If your device is not listed, try using a different cable.


For a full and extensive set-up guide please see our blog post here.

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